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How to disable password autofill in Google Chrome?

The autofill function for logins and passwords is very convenient but not secure, especially when multiple users use the same Windows account. The autofill function will automatically fill in web forms on a website, i.e., no need to enter the user's login/password (or just password) manually.

To avoid that, you need to clear the database of saved web browser passwords (create a backup copy if you need one) and disable the autofill function.

Disabling the password autofill function in Google Chrome

To do so, go to the password settings menu in Google Chrome. Copy and paste the following address in the address bar chrome://settings/passwords and press Enter.

Another way is to go to password settings:

1. Click the three-dot button in the top right corner of the web browser window Google Chrome menu, select "Settings":

2. On the left side of the Google Chrome settings window, select "Autofill: and then the "Passwords" subsection.

3. After you access the password settings menu, switch the "Auto Sign-in" tumbler off.

Backing up Google Chrome saved passwords

Now, you need to delete saved logins/passwords from Google Chrome. Otherwise, it will continue to autofill web forms. We recommend saving your passwords if you need them in the future. The best option is to back them up to a flash drive.

1. Follow the steps above to access the password settings menu.

2. Click the three-dot button Google Chrome menu next to "Saved Passwords" and select "Password Export" from the drop-down menu.

3. Save all passwords in a CSV file. You can use it in the future to import logins/passwords back to Google Chrome or any other web browser or password manager.


Deleting Google Chrome saved passwords

On the same password settings menu page, you can delete saved passwords to prevent Google Chrome from autofilling. To do so, click the three-dot button against the login/password line and select "Delete".

If you have too many lines, the best option is to delete them in bulk:

1. Copy and paste the following address in the address bar chrome://settings/clearBrowserData and press Enter. Or press CTRL+H on your keyboard to open the "History" page. On the left side, click the 'Clear browsing data' link.

2. Select the "Advanced" tab. In the "Time range" drop-down menu, select "All time". Uncheck all the boxes except for "Passwords and other sign-in data" and "Autofill form data".

3. Click the "Clear data" button to delete all browser saved passwords.

Now you know how to disable the autofill function in Google Chrome.