I forgot my master password. What should I do?

The master password is your main step in login and password protection in MultiPassword. It's used to log into the password manager and autofill passwords.

When registering on, you'll see a message that you MUST REMEMBER (or write down) the master password. Forgetting your master password means you'll permanently lose access to your MultiPassword account and all your data. We can't recover your account with a phone number, e-mail address, secret questions, or any other means.

If you have trouble signing in to your account but remember the master password, follow the steps below.

1. Make sure that you correctly enter the letter case when entering characters. Pay attention to the Caps Lock key. You'll see a warning in the master password field if it's on.

2. Make sure that the keyboard layout is in the right language. The switch to change languages is usually located at the bottom right corner.

3. Remember your old master passwords and try using them. If you're able to log in, we recommend changing your master password and being sure to REMEMBER and WRITE DOWN the new combination.

4. Try typing the password in a text editor to check that you entered it correctly. It's possible that a key on your keyboard is stuck. When you correctly input the password in the text editor, you can copy-paste it to

5. Check your login (e-mail address). If you have several accounts, try using their passwords.

6. If the password contains special characters, you can also try typing it in the text editor and then copy-pasting it to

If you've forgotten your master password and tried all possible combinations, you can't restore access to your account or saved passwords by ANY means. This is where MultiPassword's reliability and encryption come into play. Even the password storage system's managers don't have access to users' personal data.

If you've forgotten your master password, we recommend creating a new account using your previous e-mail address.