What is a MultiPassword master password?

MultiPassword is a system for storing passwords across devices.

Modern algorithms and technologies — AES-256, PBKDF2, HKDF, and RSA — are used to encrypt your passwords and securely protect them from third parties. MultiPassword uses end-to-end encryption on the user's device so that neither third-party servers nor MultiPassword developers have access to your passwords.

The encryption technology is comprehensive and complex but extremely easy to use. You only have to remember ONE master password. It's required to log into the password manager and autofill saved passwords.

How does it work?

  1. Register in MultiPassword.
  2. Come up with a complex master password and REMEMBER it.
  3. To autofill any password, just enter your master password.

AES encryption

Why is it important to remember the master password?

The master password is your password to all saved passwords. MultiPassword simplifies users' life. You only need to remember ONE password. Don't disclose it to anyone or save it in a text file.

The master password must be remembered once and forever because if you forget or lose it, there's no way to recover access to your MultiPassword account. You can change your current master password (if you remember it) in the password manager. 

Warning! It's IMPOSSIBLE to recover your master password or access to MultiPassword account with an e-mail, SMS, or phone number.