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Sync across devices

MultiPassword works on different devices, from PCs to smartphones. Passwords automatically sync on all devices on which you're signed in.

Available across platforms

MultiPassword works on all modern smartphones, PCs, and web browsers.

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Import web browser passwords

MultiPassword allows you to import passwords from any web browser via a CSV file. No need to do manually add your passwords.

Export from MultiPassword

All passwords saved in MultiPassword can be exported via a CSV file. Quick and easy.

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Logins, passwords, and other data from MultiPassword can autofill forms and fields on websites, social media, and other services.

Quick search

MultiPassword lets you quickly find any data: passwords, logins, comments, and more.

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Generate strong passwords

Our built-in password generator, powered by modern technologies, will create a secure password for any website. You don't need to remember or write down complex combinations — just remember your master password.

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Storing files

Ability to add for each user item up to 5 files of any format (each file up to 10 MB)

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Free 30-day trial

MultiPassword's trial version lets you use all the password manager features without limits.