How it works?

Create and remember a reliable master password when you signing up.

You must remember your master password. This is the main password to MultiPassword and all data saved in it. If you lose it, your account can't be restored.

Save your private key. You'll need it to sign in to MultiPassword on another device.

The private key is MultiPassword's second stage of password protection. Use it to sign in to MultiPassword on various devices.

The master password and private key will be used for secure password encryption.

You need the master password to access passwords and the private key to authenticate another device in the MultiPassword password manager.

Passwords are protected by end-to-end encryption. MultiPassword has no access to user data.

We use RSA, AES-256, HKDF, PBKDF2 algorithms to protect and store passwords. These are modern end-to-end password encryption and decryption technologies. MultiPassword user data and passwords are never transferred to third-party servers; they are securely encrypted and protected from hacking.