Privacy Policy MultiPassword

This privacy policy ("Policy") explains the personal data that MultiPassword ("Service") collects and processes and for what purposes it is collected and processed. This privacy policy further describes our commitment to maintaining the confidentiality and security of your personal data. This policy applies to the interactions that the Service supports when you use the products and services of the Service. The Service uses User data solely to provide the services for which you register.

Service Description

The term "Service" used hereinafter includes terms and definitions:

  1. Password management, administrative and related systems and technologies, as well as the website (the "Site") and third-level subdomains of the form https: //* (where "*" means any digital letter combination)
  2. All software: applications for Windows, Android and iOS, extensions for Internet browsers, data, text, images and other content provided to the Service or on its behalf. Any modifications to the Service are also subject to these Terms. The Service reserves the right to change or discontinue the Service or any of its functions at any time without prior notice. All rights, property rights and interests in the Service will belong exclusively to MultiPassword.
  3. User - An Internet user who has the IP address of an electronic device (or proxy server) on the Internet
  4. Plan - the amount of funds required to pay for the Subscription in the User's currency.
  5. Login - username and user account at the time of registration.
  6. Private key key is an automatically generated key based on cryptographically strong pseudo-random data using publicly available algorithms.
  7. Master password is a password you invented at the time of registration, which is used in conjunction with a private key to encrypt and decrypt data stored in the account on the fly.

Personal data

We do not collect or receive data from third parties. We collect some data from you in order to provide Service products and related services. You provide some data directly, for example when you create an account for the Service or contact support. Such data is limited only by your email address and username. We receive some limited information about your use of the products and services of the Service. Such data includes your IP address, as well as the make and model of your device through which you access or use the products or services of the Service.

We use your personal data to provide you with services related to the use of the Service account (updating, protecting and troubleshooting) and to provide support.

We use two types of user data to provide our services: Protected Data and Service Data. Both are protected with respect to User privacy and data privacy, but there are important technical differences and differences in use.

Protected data

Protected data is data that we cannot decrypt under any circumstances. They include all the information stored in the repositories in the accounts of the Service. This data is encrypted using secure end-to-end encryption algorithms. We have no way of accessing or providing encrypted Protected Data, and we never receive copies of unencrypted Protected Data. Personal data and passwords of the Service user are never transferred to third-party servers, they are securely encrypted and protected from hacking.

Your Protected Data is your property. We do not require any rights other than those necessary to provide you with the services. You can add, modify and remove Protected Data as you see fit.

Service data

We inevitably receive Service Data about your use of the Service, your account and your subscriptions through our services. We store only those Service Data that are necessary for the operation and maintenance of the services. This data is never used for any other purpose.

Service data is confidential. These include, but are not limited to, server logs, billing rate information, Users' IP addresses, number of vaults and number of items in vaults, Username, and email addresses. It is also possible to partially use the clipboard to securely paste passwords.

While you are using our services, we reserve the right to store and use the Service Data to provide services, troubleshoot problems, analyze performance and requirements for our services, and process payment renewal information necessary to continue providing services.

Keeping your information safe

We understand and accept responsibility for protecting Service Data and Protected Data. We use strict access control mechanisms, network isolation and end-to-end encryption to ensure that User data is only accessible to authorized personnel. Moreover, Protected Data cannot be decrypted even by those who have access to it.


This Policy is governed by, interpreted and applied in accordance with applicable local laws. If any provision of this Policy is held invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, then all other provisions of this Policy will remain in effect. This Policy constitutes the entire agreement regarding the Service and supersedes any prior agreements, oral or otherwise, regarding the Service.

Third party data processors

Your fare payment data is processed by CloudPayments, a third-party payment service that provides us with payment processing services. Payment data stored by this service is encrypted with keys that are stored only by them. Our Service does not receive or store User card data. 

Contact details

We may use your contact information, that is, the email address provided by you, to contact us regarding the activities of the Service, provide support and send you other information such as product updates. You may opt out of receiving communications from us, with the exception of certain important notices such as billing and account security notices.

Your responsibilities to protect your data

When you create an account for the Service, you will receive a Master Password and a Private Key. The master password must be memorized, it is the main password for the Service and all data stored in the system. If you forget your Master Password, you won't be able to regain access to your account. Save the Private Key, you need it for the first login to the Service on other devices.

It is important that anyone with your Private Key and Master Password can access your Protected Data. We will never ask you for your Master Password or your Private Key, and you should never send it to us or anyone else.


We install and use cookies on our own domains and subdomains to store settings that help identify your login account. We also use third party analytics packages for our public pages, which can set a cookie on your computer. They are limited to our domains and do not include cross-service tracking. You can disable cookies in your browser and continue to use our services without consequences.

Privacy Policy Updates

At our discretion, we may make changes to this Policy. You should check the Privacy Policy for updates. We reserve the right to send you emails informing you of material changes.

Contact us

If you have any questions, you can email us at