How does MultiPassword's autofill function works?

Web browser autofill is one of the most important MultiPassword features that make life noticeably easier.

The MultiPassword web browser extension automatically offers to fill logins and passwords in registration, authentication, and other forms. Users don't need to enter an e-mail address (or login) and password; just select the account you need in the MultiPassword extension.

Sometimes, autofill forms for different services overlap, which complicates things for users. To avoid that, we recommend that you let MultiPassword's autofill feature do the work.

Disabling autofill via MultiPassword

The easiest way to disable login and password autofill in web browsers is to go to account Settings, select Autofill, and click Disable default autofill.

Depending on the web browser, some data and passwords may be deleted to disable default autofill. Just import them to MultiPassword or create a backup copy.