How to delete my MultiPassword account?

After registering and importing data, the MultiPassword securely stores all user logins, passwords, and other data. This data is auto-filled in the corresponding fields on the websites.

MultiPassword provides an option to delete the account and all stored data on it. You won't be able to restore data after deleting your account.

Follow these simple steps to delete your MultiPassword account:

1. Go to this page and sign in to your account. Enter your e-mail address and master password.

2. Go to Settings (the gear Settings icon in the top right corner).

3. In the "Account" section, click Delete in the bottom right corner.

4. A warning will appear to notify you that this action is irreversible:

  • All data will be permanently deleted.
  • The active subscription will be canceled.
  • You won't be able to sign in to your account.

5. To permanently delete your MultiPassword account, click the red Delete button.